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Curiosity is one of the biggest wealth-generators you have access to. Because curiosity unlocks an endless amount of business opportunities.  But only if you harness it. 

How do you harness your curiosity? 

It starts with thought-auditing. Thought audit every time you get a new client, lose a client, get a new employee, or one of your hardest working team members quit. 

The more curiosity you have, the easier it is to serve your clients and team members better. And make a boatload of money in the process. 

In this episode, I’m sharing how thought auditing everything makes it impossible for you to fail. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The “cut off the cancer” method for firing bad clients, partners, or team members before they screw you over ([13:18]
  • The subtle “VIP” mindset tweak that lets you fly first class by the end of this year ([14:14]
  • Why surrendering to your ego grows your business more than any marketing campaign could ever do ([21:16]
  • The “RAG” trick that fires up your team members (without overwhelming them) ([23:16]
  • Why trying to scare potential employees out of the job is the best way to find top talent ([28:50]
  • The 2-second perspective shift that makes your life easier (especially if you’re always stressed to the max) ([30:13]
  • How thought auditing transforms your most humiliating failures into epic victories ([32:45]

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