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I can instantly tell if someone will be a massive success or a humiliating failure depending on how they define marketing. 

You can’t win in business if you think marketing is a cost. It’s an investment vehicle powerful enough to transform $1 into $10 a million times over. 

Marketing terrifies “fakepreneurs.” But it’s the single greatest wealth building secret known to mankind. 

In this episode, I reveal why marketing is the bloodline to your business. I’ll show you some different ways to market. And help you get started even if you don’t have a marketing budget. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why you can’t build a business by word-of-mouth marketing (even if you’re the best at what you do) ([3:43]
  • The weird way wasting all of your money on marketing makes you stinkin’, filthy rich ([7:37]
  • Why focusing on one social media platform is more profitable than being on every one ([10:46]
  • How to make a massive impact with your marketing when you don’t have a penny in your budget ([13:53]
  • The “Dollar Trick” from one of the greatest marketers ever that you can easily apply to your promotions ([25:52]
  • Why giving gifts is the single best marketing secret you never heard (and easy ways to start sending meaningful gifts) ([28:42]
  • How to protect your business from ruthless social media companies who will shut down your accounts for having the wrong political beliefs ([48:01]

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