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The world is in shambles today.

Inflation at its highest, layoffs are at their peak, divorce rates are on the rise, and the cost of business operations is through the roof. Worst part? These are only a fraction of the problems we’re facing today.. 

Yet, despite these challenges, millions of people are still succeeding in life. 

So if you’re using the chaos of today to make excuses, you’re already behind… 

But you can rectify this by implementing what I call “The Death Ground Strategy.” 

In this episode, you will discover how to use “The Death Ground Strategy”  to achieve wild success in both life and business—regardless of the world falling apart outside your window.

Listen now.

Show highlights include: 

  • How to use “The Death Ground Strategy” to win in life and business (while everyone else worries about inflation) ([3:28])
  • How financial PTSD can cost you good relationships you’ve built for years. ([19:24]
  • Why you are not making as much money as you want (and how to change that by the end of this week). ([25:01]
  • How to be so successful personally, mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically in 2 years that you become unrecognizable ([27:42])
  • How to mentor yourself correctly so that you don’t get caught up in self-help BS that will make you broke and miserable ([30:36]

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