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Everyone deals with overwhelm in life. Imposter syndrome attacks us at any point, even if we’re earning $100K a month. Many entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to have made millions upon millions, yet feel a lack of purpose in life.

Everyone deals with these thoughts and feelings. But the richest men deal with it differently.

Instead of whining on social media, complaining about lacking motivation and discipline…

The richest men get pissed. They take action. They execute. That’s the difference between earning $10K a month and $100K a month.

In today’s episode, I reveal the counter-intuitive reason WHY you’re feeling overwhelmed. I also reveal a few mindset tricks to start enjoying pain and unlocking a mountain of riches in the process.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to unlock your true purpose in life by canceling a vacation to Jamaica ([4:16])
  • The “checkpoint over destination” secret to effortlessly earn $1 Mil per month ([6:58])
  • How to bring in customers like clockwork by kissing babies at a convention ([8:36])
  • The weird way donating $10K to a customer’s bank account brings back $50K ([11:55])
  • How to unlock Elon Musk levels of productivity by spending one hour in “The House of Pain” ([15:59])
  • Why working a 9-5 job is more overwhelming than running a $1 Mil per month business ([22:37])

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