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What’s the difference between an entrepreneur earning $10K a month and $100K a month?


Or better put, a lack of fear.

Strapped-for-cash entrepreneurs who struggle with “distractions” and “social media” are cloaking their biggest enemy — their fear of failure.

“What if I hire the wrong person? What if I speak on stage and sound like a total dork? What if I embarrass myself in front of a prospect? I don’t want to make that call right now, I’m scared of what he’ll think of me.”

Find out the correct answer to the questions above. It’s the difference between $10K a month and $100K a month — or even $1 Mil a month.

Best part?

In today’s episode, I reveal the correct answer to these questions. You’ll also discover a few mindset tricks I learned from an about-to-be-homeless-man.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to unlock an unbreakable mindset by reading an email from an about-to-be-homeless-man ([2:04])
  • How diving into a Scrooge McDuck pile of cash transforms you into Mother Teresa ([10:19])
  • Why “making room” for your family when networking with millionaires at $50K+ masterminds strengthens your marriage ([12:07])
  • What Mark sh*tting his pants in front of 1,200 people on stage can teach you about building a $100K a month business ([18:06])
  • Avoid thinking “what if I did this, or if I just did that” at 75 by having a beer with fear ([20:01])
  • How millionaires posting about their plane on Instagram are secretly murdering you right in front of your eyes (and it’s 100% legal) ([30:36])

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