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I just got off the phone with my fiduciaries and accountants, and I have three months to deploy over $5 million in opportunities. 

But I’m not just giving away this money to any average Joe. I’m only looking to invest in a few industries, and I only want to connect with real players. But if you listen to this show, you’re probably more qualified than you think. 

In this episode, I reveal who and where I want to deploy this $5+ million in opportunities to. And you’ll also discover how to 100x your impact, net worth, and legacy. 

Listen now.  

Show highlights include: 

  • The 4 industries I want to invest $5 million in this year (and how your business can get funded by me) ([2:56])
  • How hiring an anxiety coach to help you get over your fear of flying is the best “investment” you can make for your business ([8:58])
  • The “Private Jet” mindset tweak which makes affording a $70k flight a breeze ([10:26])
  • The weird way traveling to Utah will grow your bank account faster than any mastermind you join ([17:55])
  • Why grinding locally is the deadliest mistake most entrepreneurs make ([20:47])
  • The “Blissfully Dissatisfied” secret for 100xing your net worth in the next 10 years ([32:16]

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