EP 111: You're Too Cheap To Be Rich!

Most people try to “cheap” theirway to wealth. They nickel and dime every transaction. They onlybuy new things when they’re on sale. And they waste hours of theirtime looking for free online courses and books instead of footingthe bill. 

Here’s thething… 

You can’t save your way tomillions in the bank. 

Every time your cheapness comesout, you’re stealing from the wealthier future version of yourself.And guess what? Eventually, the future version of yourself will beas broke as you. 

That’s the badnews. 

The good news?

In this episode, you’ll discoverhow to finally ditch your cheapness and learn the secrets to becomestinkin’, filthy rich. 

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The subtle, yet potent “OnePerson Aaway” mindset change that can add an extra 0 to your bankaccount by the end of the year (4:13) 
  • Why buying the latest iPhone every time it drops locks you in acage of mediocrity (even if you close deals over the phone)(5:59)
  • The counterintuitive reason making more money won’t make youwealthier (and the secret for becoming a millionaire) (7:30)
  • The brutal truth about why you’re not rich and never will be(9:14)
  • How going to the TV section in Best Buy will make youuncomfortably wealthy (10:01)
  • Why treating yourself like your child can help you break 7figures and beyond (13:22)
  • The insidious way your brain thwarts your growth by trying toprotect you (23:45) 

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