The Mechanics Of Wholesale Real Estate Investing

Wholesale real estate investing is conceptually very simple.  Here’s how it works: First, “Investor A” finds a great real estate deal with a lot of equity.  Typically, Investor A will have spent a significant amount of time, money and expertise to find the deal, negotiate the term and get the property under contract.  By putting the property under contract, Investor A now has control of the … Read More

How To Increase Your Net Worth  By $20,000 to $100,000 On Every Real  Estate Investing Deal You Do

Consider these parameters for a real estate deal: Property Value: $250,000 Purchase Price:  $160,000 Repairs: $2,500 If you analyze the numbers, you see that the equity available in this deal is $87,500 (Property Value minus Purchase Price minus Repairs). So here’s a hypothetical question for you:  Assuming that the information above is accurate, and the property is located in an area that you view as … Read More

The 3 Crucial Mistakes That Guarantee You’ll  Fail As A Real Estate Investor (Part 2)

Crucial Mistake #2:  Obsession With “Avoiding Failure” Rather Than “Being Successful” (and some strategies for destroying this problem) (NOTE:  This Fatal Flaw is focused on the “mental” aspects of success.  And in just a second, I’ll show you precisely how this is intimately related to real estate investing…) Here’s an extreme statement:  You will get whatever you want out of life. You might disagree with … Read More