Here's Deena and The DM in Santorini

Get the 6 times best selling Author Mark Evans DM,DN to speak on your next radio call, webinar, or telecall.

Mark Evans DM,DN is a world-traveling business owner and real estate investor who has mastered the art of doing virtual deals. He’s he’s the known as “the Godfather of Virtual Investing”. He runs his business and real estate empire effortlessly, no matter where he is in the world — from a cafe on a crowded European street to the white sands of a Caribbean beach to the tropical hotels of Southeast Asia to a gondola on the canals of Venice.


Mark started his first business and real estate investments at the age of 18 but quickly discovered that he was working long hours to earn the financial rewards he wanted to achieve. Realizing he needed to make some changes if he was going to achieve the success he wanted, Mark sought out mentors who showed him how to build a business. As technology developed further and the internet made the world more connected, The DM asked himself “how do I do most of my business virtually?

On December 31st 2005, Mark and his girlfriend (at the time) packed their bags and went to beautiful South Beach Florida to stay for 1 month to see if it was even possible to build a business remotely. That 1 month grew into years… and once he tasted the freedom of running a virtual business, The DM never went back.

Today, Mark’s businesses and real estate investments generate massive cash flow, giving him the freedom to travel the world. Currently, Mark is on his second trip around the world multi-year tour that will have him visiting North and South America, Asia, and Europe… all while he runs his business virtually.

Mark has also mentored others, teaching tens of thousands of students worldwide through his seminars, webinars, and best-selling books.

Hire Mark to speak at your next webinar, or telecall or radio show

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Audiences all around the world love hearing Mark’s message about how he built a successful business using only the phone, computer with internet connection, and Fedex, and how he successfully runs his multimillion dollar business and real estate empire without having a home address, without ever answering a phone (unless it’s his mother), all while traveling the world!

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