Why you have to divide if you want to multiply

I’m doing a “mini blog series” on the importance of creating a list of people – especially a list of buyers – who you can work with to make your real estate investing deals happen. In previous blog posts I talked about the importance of the list, just how valuable the list is to my business, and I started to … Read More

How to print your own money

In the past couple of blog posts, I’ve started talking about the single most important element in my real estate business – one of the key things that I believe has helped me achieve the status of The DM. (Make sure you’ve read my previous two blog posts on the topic: Don’t bother investing if you don’t have this and … Read More

A shocking truth about my real estate investing business

How to get a $33.00 per hour raise without doing any extra work In my last blog post I told you that the most important element you needed before you should even THINK about becoming a real estate investor is a big list of motivated people – motivated buyers, motivated investors, and motivated rent-to-owners… and especially motivated buyers. I told … Read More