On this blog, you’ll regularly see the initials “DM” and “DN” used to describe me. Those initials have precisely captured what I do and how I do it.

Keep reading to find out what they mean…

The DM and Deena at a European cafe

DM stands for Deal Maker

I love to make deals, which is why people call me “The DM”! Whether it’s real estate or any of the other businesses I run, I make deals by connecting the right people together: I find people who have problems or needs and I connect them with people who have solutions. That’s the way Deal Makers earn their name: I’m solution-based not problem-based (that’s a lesson there!)

DN stands for Digital Nomad

I believe in living and working wherever I want (and running my business virtually). That’s why people call me “The DN”! “Digital Nomad” perfectly describes the lifestyle I’ve adopted – I’ve worked hard to create businesses that run virtually — from anywhere in the world — allowing me to travel the world for 2.5 years while my business grows! (Depending on when you’re reading this, I’m on a 5 year trip around the world again).

I’m the FIRST Deal Making Digital Nomad

I might be sitting on a beach on a tropical island or sipping cappuccinos at an outdoor café in Europe or touring through a forgotten quarter of an ancient city or ziplining through the jungle… no matter where I am, you can be sure that deals are being made as you read this! 🙂

I’m honored you are here and I hope that we can meet in person one day. I’d love to mentor you to the top of your game and enjoy the life that comes from being putting deals together virtually!

Your Deal Making, Digital Nomad Friend and Mentor,

Mark Evans DM,DN

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