I Just Spent Nearly Six Figures To Throw A Party And Give A House Away… Was It Worth It???

I’m sitting here in Montauk, NY with 4 beautiful ladies! (My fiance and 3 nieces).

The DM and his ladies

We’re winding down after a WILD and EXCITING past couple of days. I’m exhausted exhilarated at the same time. I literally invested nearly six figures to throw an event. Most people would think I’m crazy for dropping that much money.

Was it worth it? Read on to decide…

Motivated Seller Leads Delivered To Motivated Investors

It all started a week and a half ago – on Wednesday, June 17. A small group of 15 investors came into my hometown (Columbus Ohio) to learn the business from me personally.

I know a lot of the “real estate investing gurus” out there hold big events and make their money (in fact, a lot of them don’t even bother investing anymore). But that’s not how I roll. This was a two-day total immersion and total-implementation event. It’s incredibly hands-on.

Each were handed 100+ HOT leads ready for them to call and make money on with me right by their side. It was a powerful day of massive action as each one started doing deals almost right away.

Deal-A-Thon Action-Takers

Thursday was just as powerful – each one implementing what they learned as they I took them by the hand and guided them.

Thursday was also my 36th birthday, I took them all out to dinner at a steakhouse Hyde Park and rented out the entire room for us with black car service. I wanted to treat them for a nice dinner after a day of being immersed in the business. It’s always good to wind down :)

Supper at Hyde Park – Wish YOU were here!

Why Am I Sharing This With You?

Simple… I would love to have you attend one a Deal-A-Thon next time.

It’s a small group, it’s insanely hands-on, and you get a ton of motivated seller leads so you can’t help to jumpstart your business immediately.

But there is a cost. It isn’t “chump change”… but I’m not here to try and give you a bargain or “charge the least”. My goal is to charge the most and give the most in return. It’s $5K per person.

Now I realize that $5K might be expensive to some people but that’s exactly why I charge it. I want you to have some “skin in the game” when you show up. I’ve learned from experience that the people who actually plunk down a lot of money – money that you have to “scrimp and save” to get your hands on – will more likely motivate you to take massive action with the highly values HOT motivated seller leads I give you.

Believe it or not, that was only the first two days. I’m only half done :)

Here’s Where It Gets Insane…

After getting home from my amazing Hyde Park steak dinner and birthday party at 11PM, I was up at 5AM Friday morning ready to roll to the largest house giveaway event I’ve ever done.

(We had over 150 people from all over the world come in to Columbus, OH for this!)

Friday was all day training… we went from 8AM to 7PM. We met some really cool people during the event and in between, there was a VIP lunch, and event an “Ask-Me-Anything” question and answer session where I answered a barrage of questions from action-taking investors. (If you weren’t there, ask someone who was – there were a ton of questions and I answered them all).

Afterward we all went to the bar area for a few hours to talk with the group and buy drinks and share how to accomplish TRUE financial freedom.

Saturday morning I was at the hotel at 7:30AM… with 3 busses waiting to take the attendees on a house tour around town.

Loading up one of the 3 busses

I wanted to show them what types of homes we were buying … what to look for… and how we buy these homes from afar. The crazy part is… this was the first time I’ve seen some of the homes I own myself!!!

It was an awesome time … that went from 8-12 and then back to the hotel to clean up and get ready for the Home Giveaway.

I Literally Gave Away A House – For Free

We arrived at the house as renovations and decorations were winding up. Imagine what the neighbors thought when 3 busses and the TV news trucks pulled up and descended on the quiet street! I had to hire a couple of police officers just to help direct all the cars and people!

The House Giveaway Ribbon Cutting

It was such a touching ceremony — quick but touching — as the lady who was the recipient (her name is Vernice) saw her son Eryk for the first time in 5 months. This went down at 2PM with The Ohio State Buckeye legend Maurice Clarett.

Me, Vernice, and Maurice – It was amazing to give this woman and her son a hand-up

The Fun’s Not Over Yet!

Afterward we got back on the buses and headed back to the hotel for the big Birthday Bash! We got our nice attire on and I rented an entire bar/club downtown Columbus out for us with food and drinks.

Now this isn’t about me… it’s actually the opposite… it’s about the clients and investors and aspiring deal-makers who came to Ohio and showed up ready to learn and grow.

It Was My Birthday But I Gave Everything Away

When you love what you do, and you do it right (meaning you don’t focus on what you’re spending as a cost… but rather you think of it as an investment) you’ll be in a different league.

I can 100% tell you this and know that I left nothing out for them. I gave it my all – and even my team, as I flew them out to help. I answered every question I was asked, I delivered thousands of motivated seller leads, I showed exactly how to find cash buyers. I know I changed people’s lives (they told me) – and that makes every penny I spent on the event worthwhile.

But don’t take my word for it. I got TONS of testimonials back from investors who attended the event, learned a lot, loved every minute of it, and wrote back to me to tell me. Here are three of those testimonials:

It was an awesome 2 days in Columbus, Mark showed us how real this business is. One of the best things was watching Mark make live calls to prospects that had responded to a postcard marketing campaign. It was exciting to hear him feel the guy out, negotiate and make a deal and then send a contract out to the seller. It was also very educational to go to the homes that were in different stages of the process. Being at the home give away was also a great experience and motivator. Now last but not least. The party was over the top. Thank you Mark, Peter and the rest of the team. You all are the real deal. Can’t wait to start working with you and I am looking forward to attending next year’s Dealmaker Experience. It was great! -Robert McKee

Mark Evans and his team was amazing. The weekend was filled with content from beginning to end. There was no selling involved. Mark and his team truly wants to see you succeed. They went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and we had a good time. I learned so much just from that weekend alone. He and his team showed all of us that this could be done. It’s not a pipe dream it is real. All you have to do is take action. -Clyde W. Boyd III

I attended Mark Evans’ weekend in Columbus, Ohio on June 20-21, 2014. This weekend will CHANGE MY LIFE. Mark presented a method of making real estate deals, without using your money or credit. It actually will work. In fact, once upon a time, I did a deal similar to the deals Mark describes and made money even though I had very little idea of how to do it. Now, using Mark’s information, I can confidently go ahead and do these deals and make more in a month or two than I am now making in a year. Mark made all the information very clear. He gave exact steps to follow and called on other participants in the room to validate that they had already done deals using his exact steps and that they had made money without using either their own money or their credit. The seminar itself was interesting every minute. Never a down time. We had breaks and ate lunch together and got to know the other participants. Never was I tired, bored, hungry or up tight about anything. Mark and his staff had put together a seminar that made it easy to absorb the information and made me want to get out there and do it. The live, impromptu phone calls he made to sellers and the way he talked to the sellers gave me confidence that I can talk to people and get them to give me the information I need to make a deal and make that seller confident that I can and will make the deal I propose. It was such a valuable way to present. He didn’t talk about things. He showed you. I look forward to my first deal and many deals to come. Also, I look forward to going to Mark’s future events and widening my point of view so I can increase my business year by year. It stretched my horizons so now I know I can help both buyers and sellers get what they want while helping myself get what I want. If you are on the fence and thinking maybe you should go to one of Mark’s events, please, jump down off the fence on Mark’s side and go, go, go. -June Rosenberry

It was an event that I will remember always because there were several different pieces and each one was so powerful and so life-changing. And the folks who showed up will remember it to – especially when they take what they saw and learned and use it as a launching point to become real estate investing entrepreneurs.

Your exhausted and exhilarated friend,

Mark Evans DM,DN

PS, If you want to be in on the next Deal-A-Thon, send me a message. I want to give you motivated seller leads and help you take massive action in your real estate investing business.

PS, Deena and I are travelling around the US for the next few months. Watch my Facebook page to see if I happen to be in your city. Hit me up with an email or Facebook message and we’ll try to hang out.


The DM Is Giving Away FREE Houses

Yep, you read that right. I’m giving away free houses. No strings attached. They will be free and clear, fully refinished and fully furnished.

No, I have not gone crazy.

But before you start lining up, hoping to get one for yourself, let me explain:

There have been a few times in my life when something happened and I knew I would never ever be the same. Only a few. But when they happened, it felt as if there was a DNA change inside me that alter who I was.

Here are a few of them:

  • When I did my first real estate deal. The chills of excitement that ran down my spine when I closed that first deal made me realize that I had found my path in life and I was going to pursue it.
  • Another life changing time was in October 2005 when I realized life is short. My grandmother passed away from cancer. It forced me from my comfort zone and Deena and I went to Florida Dec 31st 2005 to stay for a month… which then turned into 2.5 years traveling the world. This is how and when I discovered the virtual real estate investing world was real… the first step in my evolution to become the globetrotting “DN” (Digital Nomad).

But one of the biggest life changing moments was a completely unexpected surprise. It was an event when I gave away a home, free and clear, refinished and furnished, to a homeless veteran.

I had been moved by the discovery that there are thousands of homeless veterans in the United States and I wanted to do something about it. So I gave away a home to someone who had returned from duty but had no place to live for her and her son.

At the time, I thought I was changing the life of someone else but it turned out that the person who was probably changed the most was me. At that moment, when tears were streaming down my face and I was handing over the keys of the house to this other person, I knew that I was undergoing another major change in my life.

I’ve always been a big proponent of giving back. But this house giveaway took it to whole new level and solidified in my mind that I would dedicate a part of my life and business to something I call “Full Circle Giving” – where we give a hand-up (not a hand-out) to someone in need… and not just a small hand-up but something big, bold, dramatic, and life-changing.

So I’m giving away a free house again.

Scratch that.

I’m giving away MULTIPLE free houses.

I’ve teamed up with Ohio football star Maurice Clarett (you HAVE to hear his story) and his charitable foundation The Comeback Project, and I’ve pledged a million dollars in free houses over the next ten years. Together, we’re going to give away free houses to families in need.

And it all starts on Saturday, June 21st at http://housegiveaway.org/.

Here’s The Free House We’re Giving Away

Just a couple of weeks ago, we started work on this house. Doesn’t look like much, does it? Well you might see a house that has seen better days – things look a little crooked and rough-‘round-the-edges as they say.

Not much to look at right now. But just wait…

But when I look at, I can’t help but see the smiling faces of a family in need – a family that has faced difficult times lately and is in desperate need of a helping hand; a hand-up (not a hand-out); a big change to put them on the right track.

Since this picture was taken, we’ve been doing a lot of work to place. I’ve had my team working around the clock to gut it…

It’s ain’t pretty but we’re making progress!

Now fast-forward a couple of days. Look at where we are now! There’s drywall on the walls and we’re putting down flooring.

The DM is gettin’ things done!

As we get closer to the date, I just got this picture…

What a difference from the earlier picture!!!

I can’t wait. I’m literally grinning ear-to-ear as I write this. This place is gonna look sweet.

But what’s gonna look even sweeter is the look on the faces of the people whose lives we’re changing with this house.
And this is only the beginning.

As I’ve said, this is house #1 of the houses I’ve pledged to Maurice Clarett and The Comeback Project. There will be more to come.

You Can See What The House Looks Like And Participate

There are some really cool ways that you can participate.

You can donate or become a sponsor of the event, and you can find out more information at http://housegiveaway.org.

But even if you can’t make a financial contribution, you can participate by watching the event as we stream it live on June 21st.

Here’s what I need you to do: Bookmark http://housegiveaway.org right now. Then, on June 21st, go to http://housegiveaway.org to see what the house looks like now and to watch lives change from the comfort of your home.

Your friend and mentor,

Mark Evans DM,DN

PS, The first time I did this, it was life changing for me. And I heard from other people – those who donated and those who watched it online, that it changed them deeply as well. I dare you to risk being changed by this event; I dare you to set aside time on June 21st to watch this event stream live at http://housegiveaway.org and see if you don’t end up changed too.


Why The Bum On The Street Is A Better Marketer Than Most Real Estate Investors

Okay, listen up. It’s time for some straight talk from The DM. (Is there any other kind of talk from The DM? I don’t think so!)

Now don’t get me wrong: Homelessness is a serious issue and I realize that there are many factors behind it. I’m not making light of it. In fact, I’ve donated several furnished houses to homeless veterans as a way of saying “thank you” for their service to our country. My point here is to simply highlight how our assumptions are actually reversed: That the people we often consider to be most successful (real estate investors) get it wrong, while the ones that society often deems as “failures” are the ones who are doing it right.

This post is going to seem a little shocking, maybe a little absurd, and perhaps even a tad offensive at first. But read it through to the end, let it sink in, try out what I’m recommending, and I think you’ll (eventually) agree with me… The average bum on the street is actually a better marketer than most real estate investors out there.

This guy is a better marketer than most investors


Many real estate investors spend A LOT of money on fancy-looking brands, high-priced websites, beautifully cut business cards, shiny brochures, multi-channel social media cross-posting tools, lead management systems, autoresponder systems, flashy lawn signs with QR codes… and on and on and on and on. Their logo and brand colors appear consistently everywhere.

It looks great. But the truth is, it doesn’t work… Their high priced marketing doesn’t generate action from buyers and sellers. All that cash they dumped on a fancy brand and on a car wrap and on glossy brochures? They aren’t getting buyers or sellers to call them back.

That’s because buyers and sellers don’t care what color combinations make up your brand or whether it’s consistent across every sign and web page. Buyers and sellers don’t care if you have a logo and whether it shows up in the right spot on your brochures and Powerpoint presentations.

The fancy, high-priced marketing that most real estate investors use does one thing: It makes the marketing designers (graphic designers, web designers, etc.) filthy rich.

And as for the real estate investor? Their brand looks tight but their phone doesn’t ring off the hook.


You might not give them a second thought if you pass them while walking downtown but bums do their own marketing. They borrow a black Sharpie marker from a local store clerk and scrawl a few words across a piece of dirty cardboard. “Out of work. Need money.” or “Please give.” or something along those lines. Perhaps these bums go even further and offer to clean your windshield, or they play guitar and sing on a street corner.

The result? As people walk by, the charitable ones dig into their pockets and pull out money and toss it into a hat or jar.

Their marketing wins because it is cheap and simple, it’s highly creative, and it gets results. (If it didn’t get results, we’d see fewer people begging).

Let’s talk about those factors a little more…

  • Cheap and simple: Most real estate investors sink a lot of money into expensive looking marketing. Even if that marketing does get some results, a good portion of the profit is sucked out to cover the cost of the marketing in the first place. Compare that to the bum’s cardboard sign and borrowed Sharpie. Every coin dropped by a donor is pure profit. For investors, cheaper, simpler marketing could get just as good results (or even better results) and that leads to more money in the investor’s pocket.
  • Creative: Think about all the fancy, high-priced marketing that investors rely upon. They don’t invest in that marketing because it gets results. They invest in that marketing because it makes them look like “a legitimate real estate investor” (which means they look like every other real estate investor who is marketing that way). Bottom line? The fancy brands of real estate investors all blend together. On the other hand, the down-and-out bum is forced to get creative to make money: They position themselves where the foot traffic is, perhaps they offer a service (like washing windshields) or they entertain. Their creative marketing – cheap signs and attention-getting methods – cost them almost nothing but are effective at attracting attention.
  • Gets results: Frankly, this needs to be the number of measure of whether or not your marketing is working. If your marketing doesn’t get results, change it and do something else. Don’t keep dumping money into the same thing. There’s a reason that many bum signs all say the same thing. Because they are proven result-generators. People reach into their pockets and give.


It’s no secret that I do a lot of deals. (In fact, these past couple of months have been busier than ever at my office and I’m running Peter and my team off our feet as we have been closing bigger and bigger deals). Some of my deals run into the six and even seven figures.

And it shocks people to learn that I use signs that look like this:

The DM rocks these ugly signs… and they bring results!

Ugly! That’s just some beat-up yellow coroplast and the biggest, stinkiest black marker I could find. That “marketing campaign” cost me nothing and helped to close the deal.

That’s “bum quality” marketing! Other real estate investors might look at it and turn their noses up in disgust, pointing to their logos and cross-channel brand consistent and blah blah blah. All I have to point to is my results, and I’ll happily stack those up against a nicely-manicured brand any day.

Let me make one thing abundantly clear: I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever spend any money on marketing. I do spend money on marketing: I drop a ton of postcards regularly, I’ve got a really effective autoresponder system set up, and I have a few other different marketing strategies I invest money in.

But you’ll never catch me spending a minute of my time or a dollar of my money on anything that doesn’t deliver an obvious, measurable, profitable result.

For your real estate investing, I would urge you to consider the same thing. Before you go out and spend more than you need to on a fancy web design and the shiniest business cards in town, pretend that you needed to accomplish the same thing but on a zero dollar budget. What would you do? I know what I would do: I’d be tearing up cardboard boxes to make signs and I’d be bugging my friend to lend me a Sharpie marker.

I talk about this in my latest book, One Buck Deals. The book (which I started when I was walking the Camino de Santiago last summer and finally finished this February) talks about how to do deals without putting down more than $1.00… but not only that, readers get an extra bonus: I go into A LOT of detail about how to do super-cheap marketing… “bum marketing”.

In fact, I tell you about the crazy-simple ways that I sold my VERY FIRST DEALS when I got my start in real estate 17 years ago. (Most investors will get really angry at this because my marketing efforts cost me less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks and they netted me thousands of dollars). And I show you the marketing I still do today – even though I’ve come a long way since those early deals – is still “bum marketing”.

So check out One Buck Deals and learn how you can do these deals yourself for whatever change you can dig out of your couch cushions, plus you’ll learn about how to find deals and sale them to buyers literally for pennies of marketing expenses.

Your friend and mentor,

Mark Evans DM,DN

PS, One of my investors checked out the book and he said that the book was worth it for just the story of how I got started as The DM. He said he’d buy the book just for that story alone. So pick up your copy of One Buck Deals, get my story, find out how to do deals for a buck, find out how to market like a bum, and I’ve even thrown in all the forms you’ll need (plus a coupon worth hundreds of dollars).