10 Deal-Maker Strategies To Change Your Life

10 Deal-Maker Strategies To Change Your Life

This is the second part of a series I’m doing about how to change your life by becoming a Deal-Maker. If you want to start at the beginning, click here and read this post first.

If you want to create change in your life and business, you need to become a Deal-Maker. In this post, you’ll read about the 10 strategies that can create powerful, life-changing transformation and growth, giving you everything you need to achieve your goals and dreams.


Deal-Makers Fly Private So They Can Keep Doing Deals In The Sky!

How To Be A Deal-Maker

Being a Deal-Maker in business and life means that you adopt and master 10 basic strategies. Adopt these 10 strategies, apply them to your life every minute, every hour, every day, and every decade! Keep all 10 of these as a checklist through which you make every decision and interaction. No matter what, always apply and take massive action. The strategies are simple, the execution is what separates the wannabes from the real Deal-Makers!

#1. Create A Vision

Many people go through life and just deal with each day as it comes. They don’t really know the direction they are headed. (Sure they might have a vague idea but not a concrete one.)

Create a vision for what you want in life. Then revisit that vision daily. The reason why many people fall into a life of mediocrity is because they have a vision for a great life when they are children and teens, but by college graduation they have student loans and bills to pay and the reality of life hits. So the vision is put on a shelf and they end up falling into a 9-5 routine.

#2. Get Off Your Ass

Too many people are caught up in the life of the “wannabe,” the “wantrepreneur,” the perpetual student, the “7-year newbie,” and too few people take the next step of getting off their ass and taking massive action.

Once you have a vision, you need to decide to make it happen. Decisions, followed by massive relentless action, is the only way to get things done. You don’t get where you want to go by just dreaming about it. You need a clear vision but then you need to stand up and make it happen.


The DM… Still Doing Deals Even On The Beach

#3. Pick Something And Become Amazing

A lot of people end up on a default setting of life, just doing whatever falls into their laps. And those who want more can sometimes jump from one thing to another like a hummingbird on crack. You can rise above simply by picking something and becoming amazing at it. Maybe you LOVE your job. Well, don’t just show up for work; become amazing at it. Maybe you want to start a business. Well, don’t just dream about it; start it and become amazing at it.

Pick something (very few actually do) and then never settle for anything less than amazing (even fewer do this!) Guess what: a lot of people think that a janitorial job is more lowly than a doctor but I think the better person is the one who chooses to become truly amazing at their job, so if you’re a janitor, become the most amazing janitor the world has ever seen. You will create more opportunities for yourself this way than you realize.

#4. Solve Problems

It’s so easy to be beat down by problems. Problems will appear in life no matter what. The secret is not to avoid problems or create a life that is free from them (because that’s impossible) but to learn to solve them for yourself and others.

There are a lot of problems in the world. Everyone has problems. (Worse yet, many people have problems that they don’t even know they had!) The true Deal-Maker solves these problems and that changes peoples’ lives. The problems you solve may be related to your job or business, that’s the obvious way to solve problems, but it goes deeper than that: want to be an amazing spouse? Solve your spouse’s problems. Want to be an amazing parent? Solve your children’s problems. (Note to my critics: I’m not saying that you need to fight your children’s battles for them; that doesn’t solve anything. I’m saying you should equip your children to fight their own battles.) You will do more amazing deals in the most memorable life if you simply solve more problems.

#5. Serve Others

I meet a lot of people who aren’t sure how to start and grow a business. Here’s the good news: it’s simpler than you think…

This is related to the above but comes at it from a slightly different angle. Figure out how to help other people and create win/win scenarios where you both benefit. I think the great Zig Ziglar said it best when he said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” That’s how you serve others and this is truly the central principle of being a Deal-Maker. (However, it may be the central principle but if you don’t do #1 through #4, you won’t achieve your goals. So, make sure you follow Deal-Maker principles #1 through #4, and then this one becomes simple and obvious and fun and beneficial.)

#6. Be Resilient

If it was easy, everyone would do it. But life is not easy and neither is being a Deal-Maker. There are so many obstacles and so many competing opportunities that it’s easy to become beat down by the world. I meet a lot of people who start a business, struggle at the first sign of hardship, and then shut it down and “go get a real job” just because they couldn’t push through.

Resilience is one of the best skills that any Deal-Maker can have. You rarely know when I’m having a bad day; even on a webinar or a friendly call with someone, very few people know about the challenges and stresses of running my businesses. I’m resilient. I love the saying, “get knocked down 7 times; get up 8 times.” THAT is the resilience of a Deal-Maker.

#7. Be Persistent

The most successful people in the world do not necessarily have some special luck that others don’t have. They are resilient. They keep going no matter what.

Resilience and persistence go hand-in-hand. If resilience is flexibility, persistence is focus. And you need both—flexibility and focus. Think of a drop of water. One drop of water splashes against a rock and rolls off harmlessly. But thousands of drops of water day after day, millennia after millennia, will carve a hole right through that rock. That’s the power of persistence. When you are frustrated and thinking about giving up in your business, or when you’ve started your tenth business and are wondering where the customers are, it’s usually persistence that is the real problem.

#8. Work Hard, Play Hard

The work doesn’t get done by itself. It takes action. You need to roll up your sleeves and Do. The. Work. Sure, you see pictures of me sitting on the beach, or in my Rolls, or on the back of an elephant. There are a few things going on there: First, I’m up at 4:00 a.m. almost every day, working hard to crank through emails and phone calls, and am usually done that piece of my day before most people’s alarms go off. And the rest of my day? It’s mine. Second, I’m still working when I’m in those places—I’m thinking about my vision, about how I can solve problems, about how I can serve others. Heck, I walked the Santiago de Camino a couple of years ago and my business GREW while I was walking because I built a business that could do that. We live in a day and age when people are told they should work hard and it’s celebrated, but that usually means hours-spend-at-a-desk rather than the quality of work done, and on top of that, we live in a world where play is frowned upon. Where the best that people can look forward to is a few hours of Netflix at night. Deal-Makers hate both of those things—the quality and quantity of your work have NOTHING to do with time spent, and the quality and quantity of your play should be an inspiring reward for your work, not an exhausted binge-watching while eating junk food. LIVE LIFE because life is short!!!

#9. Always Level Up

Want to know what frustrates me the most? People who say they want a better life, and dream about it, but never do anything about it. They become so risk averse and content to remain in their mediocrity that they don’t challenge themselves to push higher, harder, and farther. Think about all the things in your life—family, friends, job, business, hobbies, health, wealth, etc.—and figure out what level you’re at now and how to improve it.

There are many tools you can use to improve any of these things, from systems to a team. But it all starts with education. You should always be learning, and then deploying that education into action. Read books, read this blog, get a mentor, actively seek out education every day on everything you want to improve. Want a great place to start? Read this blog post again. Then bookmark it and read it every day for a month. Another smart thing to do: start flying first class. That concept was a game-changer for me, and for a lot of people who took action with what I shared. I hope you start flying first class too.

#10. Tap Into A Deeper Purpose

When I was kid, raised in a blue collar household, I dreamed of being a millionaire like those depicted on The Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous. And to be honest, I achieved that. I had the mansion in Georgia, I had the white Rolls Royce. But I realized there was more to life than that, and that’s when I tapped into a deeper purpose (which was always there but came to the surface when I sought it out).

Today, I still live a comfortable life but I have new purpose: I want to create a legacy for my family and for others around the world. I want to help people live their best lives. I do this through my businesses, through my blog, through my books and trainings, through my events, through my DM Family Mastermind, and more.


The DM With The DM Family


Deal-Makers… BEGIN!

You’ve read through these strategies. Now the choice is yours.

Is there an aspect of your life that you’re not happy with? Maybe it’s one small thing that could improve. Maybe it’s a lot of things.

Maybe, like some people, there’s something you wished was different.

Or maybe, like many people, you’re stuck in the rut of a 9-5 job and mortgage payments and you remember back to when you dreamed of adventure.

Well, this is the line in the sand. This is your opportunity to DECIDE now, once and for all, to make the changes you want in life and to become a Deal-Maker to create the life you want to live. Will your future self thank you for becoming a Deal-Maker today?


Mark III is a Deal-Maker and he thinks YOU should be one too!


You now have the tools (the mindset shift and the 10 strategies) to change your life forever, starting today. Will you take up these assets and invest in your life by coming a Deal-Maker?

Get more in life. Have more in life. Be more in life? Become a Deal-Maker. Follow these 10 strategies to start becoming a Deal-Maker in everything you do.

From every business you start to every interaction you have; from every drop of sweat in your workout to every dollar you earn… you can be a Deal-Maker with these 10 Deal-Maker strategies.

Your friend and fellow Deal-Maker,

Mark Evans DM, DN

PS, Are you a Deal-Maker? In the comments below, share how you are progressing on your journey to become a Deal-Maker. What do you want to change? What commitment are you making to yourself and to the world? Put it in the comments below… make today a line in the sand for you!

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How To Be A Deal-Maker In Business And Life

It starts here. I’m drawing a line in the sand. I’m creating a world of Deal-Makers and showing people how to get whatever they want in life.

Whether it’s a lifestyle of mansions and caviar or a life of meaning and legacy (or both, or neither, or anything else that you want), the way to have whatever you want is to become a Deal-Maker.

My name is Mark Evans DM (the DM stands for Deal-Maker!) Let me show you how to be a Deal-Maker in Business and in life.


Let me show you how to be a Deal-Maker
in business and in life

This is a post. And for good reason. It will change your life if you read through it. It change your life in massive ways if you read it more than once. Bookmark this post and make it a habit to read it daily for a month. You’ll see unbelievable transformation when you do.

There’s A Problem In Our World

There’s a huge problem in the world. It’s more significant than you realize.

The problem? Life is short and people are willing to settle for less.

Life is short: Most of us are lucky to get 80 or 90 years on this earth; many have fewer. And, since some of that is our childhood, and a big chunk is spent sleeping, we’re left with… well, much less.

People are willing to settle for less: Unfortunately, even though we don’t have a lot of time on this planet, many people get caught up in a less-than-significant life. They go to college, get a job, buy a house, get married, have children, and look forward to retirement. (There’s nothing wrong with those things necessarily but for many people those things end up becoming traps that keep them from achieving their dreams. Even though life is short, people become risk-averse as they focus on living at a certain level of mediocrity.)

I ask you: How many great people allowed their inspiring dreams to be diminished because of student debts, mortgage payments, and worrying that you might not have enough for retirement?


This describes most people’s lives. I want to change that.

Rather than taking a chance and rising above, many people look at their commitments and feel burdened and handcuffed and unable to achieve their dreams. So they put their dreams on the shelf and instead just work to put food on the table, save for retirement, and hope that their golden years are the opportunity for freedom and comfort that they originally dreamed about.

You Have To Ask Yourself A Question

There’s nothing wrong with what most would call a “normal” life—college, house, family, retirement. Nothing wrong with that at all, and if you are interpreting what I’ve written in that way, you’ve missed the point.

But you have to ask yourself a question: are you giving up your dreams to have this normal life? Did you once dream of climbing a mountain, starting a business, curing a disease, inventing a product, or sweeping your spouse of his or her feet to take them away on a luxurious vacation?

Too many people think they’re putting their dreams on pause to have a normal life but what they’re really doing is adjusting their vision and aiming lower, becoming risk averse and choosing to accept less in life.

This post is meant to call you out of that and to give you the strategies and tools that will let you have everything you want in life.

I’m here to show you the way and to blaze a path for anyone—no matter where you’ve come from and what your background is and whether you’re starting off with advantages or disadvantages—I’m here to show you how to enjoy a lifestyle that YOU want to have.

I’m here to show you the Deal-Maker way.

I’m A Deal-Maker—Here’s What That Means And Why I Want You To Be A Deal-Maker Too

My name is Mark Evans. People have nicknamed me “The Deal-Maker,” or “The DM” for short. At first I thought it was a fun, clever name that described how much I loved making real estate deals.

However, I’ve come to realize that it means so much more.

What is a Deal? It’s an agreement between two or more parties. Each party might come to the table with differing ideas and goals but a deal is made when each party finds common ground and negotiates the agreement to a conclusion.

And a Deal-Maker? That’s someone who helps drive the negotiation and brings the agreement to a conclusion.

And the best Deal-Makers are those who do it in a way where everyone wins, where everyone achieves their fullest potential, where everyone leaves the negotiation happy.

So, what does that have to do with life and business? How can someone be a Deal-Maker in life and business?

There are many ways (and you might be surprised at these)…

  • You are a Deal-Maker when you met your spouse—when you got their number, asked them on a date, built a relationship with them, married them and created a life together. The “deal” is that you both enjoy a greater life together.
  • You are a Deal-Maker with your job (if you have one)—you show up to work and do the work required, putting in the time to build your knowledge and efficacy. The “deal” is that you work for your employer and they pay you.
  • Or, you are a Deal-Maker with your business (if you have one)—you build a company, sell products or services, and earn revenue and profit from it. The “deal” is that you accept the occasional risks of owning a business to get a reward.
  • You are a Deal-Maker with yourself—there’s the adventure-seeker who wants to live on a beach, and there’s the careful person who thrives in routine. These two people live in each of us and we each make a deal with these people daily. The “deal” is made by whoever wins: do you show up to work when you’re supposed to or do you call in sick and go to the beach?
  • Perhaps the most surprising concept of them all: You are a Deal-Maker with your future self. Your future self will look back at your present self. Will your future self feel regret that your present self didn’t do enough? Didn’t enjoy life enough? Didn’t invest in something? Didn’t take a chance to quit your job and start a business? The “deal” is, your present self needs to build a current reality that your future self will be glad to live in.

I could go on and on but these are some of the ways that you make deals every day. The question is: Are you making deals in your life where everyone wins? Where everyone is happy? Are you a Deal-Maker who accepts the challenges (and yes, even the occasional risk) to step up and take charge of your life, to create a win/win scenario with yourself, your spouse, your children, your friends, your family, your work, your clients, and even your future self?

Too many people accept a life of mediocrity. My passion and purpose in life is to be the Deal-Maker—to figure out what I want in life and to go out and get it by making the right deals with the right people (and even with myself) to create win/win deals that create a great life for myself and leave this world in a better place.


Take the leap to become a Deal-Maker
… and FINALLY live the life you dream

Do you want to rise above the risk averse, cautious mediocrity that so many people are stuck in? Let me show you how to be a Deal-Maker…

Click here to read the 10 Deal-Maker strategies that will change your life.

Should I Have Given This Homeless Guy My Rolls Royce Phantom? (True Story)

Should I Have Given This Homeless Guy My Rolls Royce Phantom? (True Story)

The Rolls Royce Phantom.


Here’s The DM With My White Rolls From A Few Years Ago. (I Drive A Black One Now.)

It’s a beautiful car and it turns heads wherever we go, especially when Mark III climbs out and looks charming… just like his old man 😉

Recently, the Rolls needed to be fueled up so I pulled into a gas station and I climbed out to pump some gas. (Yeah, even The DM is stuck with self-serve sometimes.)

Meanwhile, some lady pulls up to put gas in her minivan.

Is this your car?” she asked.

I said it was – lots of people ask and I’m happy to tell them it’s mine. Not in a cocky way but in a way like, “Yes, I’ve busted my tail to own this car.” And most people I meet appreciate the work I’ve put in to earn it as well as the craftsmanship of this amazing vehicle.

She put on her frowniest face and said condescendingly, “I wonder how many people could have been fed and housed for the money you threw away on that over-the-top obnoxious car.” She pointed down the street – and there, sitting by the stoplight with a cardboard sign, was a man with begging people for money.

I looked at her and smiled. I’d heard this before

I don’t know the exact number but it’s helped a hell of a lot of people,” I said.

She looked at me like I was from Mars and asked what I was talking about. I could see the wheels spinning in her head as she tried to compute what I just said. After all, the guy at the stoplight was still sitting there with his sign!

I said…

The car dealer and sales guy I bought this car from earned a commission – enough to pay their mortgages and feed their families.

The sailors on the cargo ship who brought this car from the UK earned some money to feed and house their families.

The factory workers where the car was built earned their wages building this car and that helped to pay their mortgages and put food on the table for their families.

Don’t forget about the other companies that make components for the car or that extract the raw materials – the miners who mine the metals, the company that makes the tires… I could go on and on.

Her mouth hung open. I could tell she was angry, and since I’m not one to back down, I continued…

My parents were hard working people who never asked for a hand out. When money was tight, mom and dad worked extra shifts. I learned a strong work ethic from them that has helped me to this day.

My parents also taught me that when someone is facing difficult times, like the guy sitting over there with the sign, ‘helpful’ folks mistakenly think that a hand-out is what he needs. But that just robs him of his dignity. What he needs is a hand-up… a job that gives him a purpose and allows him to earn a wage.

If I gave away the money I spent on this car to someone like that guy with the sign, he may benefit in the short term from the money he didn’t work for; meanwhile, what happens to all those workers who didn’t get paid because I didn’t’ buy this car?

It’s about a value exchange: the guy who built my car wakes up every morning to go to work so he can feed his family… we don’t know what he went through to get this job. Meanwhile, I’ve seen the guy on the corner standing at that corner for 2+ years now… what value is he giving to the world and to himself?

And where does it stop? You can criticize me for the car I drive, but there is someone who rides the bus but looks at your minivan and wonders why you aren’t distributing your money in the same way.

What I love about capitalism is this: This car keeps feeding families. Because, when I’m done pumping my gas, I’ll pay for my fuel and that money will be combined with the money you’re paying for your fuel to help feed the gas station employee, the gas station owner, the trucker who brought the fuel here, and the hard workers who extracted the oil and turned it into gas.

… And none of that would happen if I just given out my money for free. But because capitalism rewards value, this car will continue to feed the gas station and the mechanic and the guy who washes it.

I finished pumping my gas, went to the gas bar attendant, and paid the guy… a small contribution toward his mortgage and his family’s food.

What do you think? Was I clear enough to the lady? Was I too harsh? I’d like your input

Your Friend And Mentor,

Mark Evans DM,DN